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Dog Paw Cleaner CupBlue / 10.5x10.5x8.2cm - K9 & Company
Dog Paw Cleaner CupLight Green / 10.5x10.5x8.2cm - K9 & Company
Dog Paw Cleaner CupPink / 10.5x10.5x8.2cm - K9 & Company
Dog Paw Cleaner Cup - K9 & Company
K9 & Company

Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

$14.99 USD

Light Green


Remember those muddy days that make your bestie all muddy and messy in the house? Well, now you can easily clean your dog's paws after a muddy day.

This paw cleaner is all you all need!

No more taking 15 minutes to clean off your dog's paw, now it takes less than a minute!

  • Defeats Muddy Paws: This is the easiest and simplest way for you to finally get rid of all those muddy and dirty paw prints all over your home and car! Take the mess out of outside fun!
  • Easy To Use: Just fill up the paw cleaner with water, and then put your dog's paw inside! Twist around a little bit (doesn't hurt the dog at all) and then you're done! Just empty out the dirty water and you are ready for the next use!
  • Your dog will love this: Not only will this not hurt your dog, but it actually feels really good for their paws! Your dog will think it is getting a treat!
  • Eco-friendly and healthy: No nasty chemicals or detergents, and takes much less water and time than a whole bath or hose!


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