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by Caitlin Wark

The summer gives us so many opportunities to take our dogs with us on our adventures. Camping, hiking, or boating trips run a lot smoother when you and your dog are less stressed out. When you travel outside the house, you have to think about all of the logistical things. How do to transport their food and water? Where will they relieve themselves? How do to protect your dog from any harmful incidents? Check out these affordable products that will hopefully end your worries, so you can get ready for the best summer yet!


1) 2 in 1: Water and Kibble Travel Cup

There are a few different types of containers that can hold both food and water for your dog. These portable containers are great for a day hike or a trip at the beach where you may need to feed your puppy lunch. Make sure that the container you purchase is leak-proof and BPA free. There are also a few upscale, more expensive stainless steel bowls that stack on top of each other as well.


2) Artificial Grass 

Whether you are on a boat trip or road trip, sometimes there is not a good place for your dog to go to the bathroom. But, now there are cut-to-length pieces of artificial grass that you can use for a potty spot. It may take a couple of weeks to train your dog to go on the faux grass, but trust me – it can be worth it in the long run. Try placing the turf on your dog’s favorite spot to potty and reward them when they go to the bathroom close to it, and then eventually on top of it outside. Then, move the turf inside your van or boat and try the same method. You can easily pick this up at your nearest Lowes or Home Depot.

Petmaker Indoor Restroom Puppy Potty Trainer - By Petmaker
Precut 8 oz. Artificial Grass 6 ft x 8 ft - TrafficMASTER



3) Life Jacket

Image by HIllye from Pixabay

Even if your dog is born for swimming, it is important to train them to wear a life vest. Your dog can get tired from swimming far out in the deep water, and may not have the energy to get back to shore. Safety comes first, but it is a good thing fashion comes second for life jackets. There are so many fun, cute designs to test out on your dog. Make sure you measure your dog correctly to get the right size.

Kyjen Outward Hound PupSaver Ripstop Life Jacket Orange (Large)  

ASENKU Ripstop Dog Life Jacket with Rescue Handle


4) Cooling Collar

The cooling collars are great for breeds that get overheated easily in the summer. This accessory fights fatigue and prevents heat stroke as well. If your pup has a double coat, this may be the perfect collar to invest in for the beach, or just simply for hot days outside in the backyard during a BBQ. You can even insert ice cubes in some of these collars throughout the day, instead of waiting for it to get cold again in the refrigerator. Remember–never put a frozen collar directly against the skin, as it can give them freezer burn. If the collar is not enough, there are also jackets to cool down the entire body as well!


5) Paw Washer 

The paw washer is great for removing dirt to prevent your house from being covered in paw prints after a muddy hike. But, this tool is also very useful for dogs that struggle with allergies or itchy feet. Just like humans, dogs can be allergic to grass or pollen. If you wash the allergens off of their feet before they come inside, this may reduce their instinct to lick them, which causes hot spots. This affordable accessory could save you hundreds at the vet office, and it comes in all different sizes. Do not instantly assume your dog will stick their paws in the washing tube. Make sure you gradually train them to accept it, rather than force them to use it.

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Wild Heart Brushless Paw Wash


6) Water Boots

Another accessory to prevent paw injuries are water boots. Many beaches and rivers have rocks and sharp pieces of wood that could pierce their skin. Paw injuries can take months to heal, and they miss out on some many adventures. Make sure the boots fit snugly and gives them traction to move about. Again, teach your dog to accept the boot with positive reinforcement. Do not assume they will love them at first sight.

Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots

Grip Trex All Terrain Paw Wear


7) De-Shedding Brush

Grooming is especially important in the summer for long haired dogs. If you do not want to pay for a professional grooming session, a de-shedding brush is a great start. Make sure you are removing the undercoat in the summer to let the skin breathe and prevent heat stroke. Brushing is also great for improving their blood circulation and preventing any hot spots. You will spend less time vacuuming and more time enjoying a clean home.


You do not have to purchase all of these products to create a successful summer. Your dog will thank you even if you just fill a kiddie pool full of water! Summer is arguably the most dangerous season for dogs, so watch for any signs of stress or heat exhaustion while on your journeys, and you will be good to go anywhere you bring your furry friend!





Cover Image By:  Torkild  Lindebjerg from Pixabay 


Caitlin Wark
Caitlin Wark

Caitlin is originally from Vermont and has been working with animals since she can remember. She studied Behavioral Neuroscience and is now Mastering in Animal Shelter Management in Colorado. Her hobbies include horseback riding, fostering animals, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Caitlin has been freelance writing for almost a year on various topics to help educate others. She hopes to someday become a Marketing Coordinator for a non-profit animal shelter.

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